Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 6/11/2020 - 6:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: Crozet Elementary Additions and Renovations - Schematic Design
ACPS Division Objective :
Objective 5
We will optimize resources.
Policy: FEA - Facility Design
Enclosure: VMDO Schematic Design Presentation (To be added)
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Summary: As the result of the tremendous population growth in and around Crozet, two elementary schools, Brownsville and Crozet, are running out of space. During the 2019/20 school year, six mobile classrooms were added for a total of eight to Brownsville as a temporary solution. Brownsville is nearing 900 students and Crozet now has 360 students. Several prospective housing developments will add even more students to these two schools.

The solution, recommended by our Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee and supported by both school and county planning officials, is to expand the size of Crozet Elementary School. This not only will safely accommodate future Crozet students but will allow room to move some Brownsville students to the new Crozet, thereby improving the learning environment for students at both schools well into the future.

This project will add an estimated 28,000 square foot addition to the building as well as making improvements to the existing building and site. The additions will include 17 classrooms, 3 smaller resource classrooms, 2 offices, a faculty workroom and various support spaces. The additions will also expand the cafeteria and media center to support the larger student enrollment. Improvements to the existing building will include improvements to existing classrooms, improvements to the kitchen, stage and cafeteria (including ADA upgrades), and improvements to existing administration, support spaces and toilets. Site improvements will include outdoor learning areas, new and expanded bus drop-off, additional parking, additional playground equipment, and the replacement of a paved play area due to the likely location of the addition.

VMDO Architects was contracted for the project and design work began in mid-March 2020. Since then, the design committee and VMDO have met every 2 weeks to develop the schematic design and have engaged the community to request input on the new design direction. Information videos for students and adults and surveys have been developed and distributed to the Crozet and Brownsville communities. Also, several electronic interviews and student design projects have been used to gain input from community members.

The original schedule for this project is as follows, but is subject to funding for construction:
• Design: March – December 2020
• Bidding & Contracting: January – April 2021
• Construction: May 2021 – August 2022
• Open for the 2022/23 School Year
Funding: Funding for the Crozet Elementary Additions & Renovations design funding is part of the 2019/2020 Capital Improvements Program. Funding for construction has not yet been appropriated.
Recommendation: Approve the schematic design for the Crozet Elementary Additions and Renovations and provide authorization to proceed to the Design Development phase.
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Signed By:
Lindsay Snoddy - Deputy Director of Building Services
Signed By:
Joe Letteri - Director, Building Services
Signed By:
Rosalyn Schmitt - Chief Operating Officer
Signed By:
Dr. Matthew Haas - Superintendent