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Meeting Date: 5/14/2020 - 6:30 PM
Type: Info
Subject: Virginia Board of Education's Model Guidance for Preventive code of Conduct Policy and Alternatives to Suspension (8:00 to 8:15)
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We will engage every student.
Policy: JFC - Student Conduct
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Model-Guidance-Code-of-Student-Conduct- Final January 2019.docx
Summary: Beginning with the start of the 2020 -2021 academic school year all schools in Virginia will be expected to implement the Virginia Board of Education’s Model Guidance for Positive and Preventive Code of Conduct Policy and Alternatives to Suspension. The Model Guidance represents the most recent revision of the Student Conduct Policy Guidelines originally adopted in 1994. The Model Guidance represents a significant departure from many traditional notions about school discipline and focuses educators on the importance of reducing exclusionary discipline practices.
State law requires that local school boards adopt and revise regulations on codes of conduct that are consistent with, but not more stringent than these revised guidelines. In order to achieve that task a team of educators will soon begin meeting to plan for implementation in Albemarle County Public schools.
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Nicholas King - Student Services Officer
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Dr. Matthew Haas - Superintendent