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Meeting Date: 7/11/2019 - 6:30 PM
Type: Info
Subject: Energy Performance Contract Update (8:40 to 8:45)
ACPS Division Objective :
Objective 5
We will optimize resources.
Enclosure: Enclosure 1: Energy Performance Contract Update
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Energy Performance Contract Update.pptx
Summary: The Board voted to proceed with an Energy Performance Contract with Ameresco on September 14, 2017. Ameresco has recently completed the construction phase of the contract, which included the installation of LED lighting and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures. The measurement and verification phase begins July 1, 2019 to ensure actual utility savings meet or exceed projections.
Funding: Financing for the Energy Performance Contract was secured through Back of America and issued through the Virginia Small Business Financing Authority. The ongoing utility savings from the project is used to pay for the financing.
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Lindsay Snoddy - Deputy Director of Building Services
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Rosalyn Schmitt - Chief Operating Officer
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Dr. Matthew Haas - Superintendent