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Meeting Date: 5/24/2018 - 6:30 PM
Type: Info
Subject: Boys and Girls Club Proposal to Build an After School Center on the AHS Campus (8:35 to 8:50)
ACPS Division Objective :
Objective 5
We will optimize resources.
Objective 4
We will create and expand partnerships.
Policy: KA - School-Community Relations Goals
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Summary: The Boys of Girls Clubs has been seeking a site at which to construct an after school program facility that can serve better the needs of students in the northern feeder pattern. The club currently operates successful clubs in Southwood, in the City of Charlottesville, and in Scottsville.
One of the major challenges for finding a site for this facility was the limited ability of the school system to get students to it as there are not sufficient school buses to be able to transport students to a facility for after school activities.
In 2016 the School Board received a program evaluation of the school system’s after school program, Extended Day Enrichment Program (EDEP). This evaluation revealed that EDEP was not serving economically disadvantaged students due to the fact that EDEP is required to be financially self-sustaining.
Considering these factors, conversations began between school staff and the Boys and Girls Clubs about the possibility to entering into an agreement that would allow the club to build its facility on the Albemarle High School/Jouett Middle School/Greer Elementary School campus. This location would solve most of the transportation challenges while reducing the facility costs to the club. The agreement would also provide for the ability of the school system to use the facility during the school day for professional development or other activities for which it is often difficult to find space.
Earlier this year the School Board authorized the chief operating officer to further explore this possibility by determining whether an appropriate location could be found on the school campus. Four possible sites were evaluated (see Attachment I). One is between the transportation facility and the fuel site. One was between Jouett and Greer. One was behind Jouett on an area that is currently heavily wooded. The fourth location was the current drivers’ education course located between Jouett and Albemarle. Attachment II is a chart that provides an assessment of the four possible locations and the advantages/disadvantages of each.
Considering topography, utility access, preservation of trees, and proximity to the younger students at Greer, the conclusion of this research was that the most ideal site was the drivers’ education course. This location also has the advantage that the planned sidewalk improvements on this campus (see Attachment III) will connect this location to Jouett and Albemarle thus improving the ability of students to walk to and from this location safely. All of this said, this location has the obvious disadvantage in that it would eliminate the driving course and impact the drivers’ education program at Albemarle High School.
Attachment IV is a site plan that shows a preliminary development plan for an after school program as proposed by the Boys and Girls Clubs.
Attachment V is a chart that compares EDEP to the Boys and Girls Clubs after school program in areas such as calendar, cost, and programming.
Staff is seeking School Board direction on next steps. Staff recommends that the board direct staff to conduct a more thorough analysis of the drivers’ education program and the impact of losing the driving course if that location is used for an after school facility.
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Dean Tistadt - Chief Operating Officer
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Dr. Pamela Moran - Superintendent