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Meeting Date: 3/8/2018 - 6:30 PM
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Subject: Preschool Annual Report (7:20 to 7:40)
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Objective 3
We will improve opportunity and achievement.
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Summary: Early development of literacy and numeracy skills matter, and ACPS’s preschools build those skills in a way that is developmentally appropriate. Preschool in ACPS is funded across several funding sources: the Virginia Pre-School Initiative (VPI) and local government, Headstart, Title I and Special Education (ECSE). Preschools exist in the following schools: Agnor-Hurt (VPI, Title I/VPI), Baker Butler (ECSE), Broadus Wood (2 Headstarts, ECSE) Brownsville (Headstart, ECSE), Cale (2 VPI,ECSE), Greer (2 VPI), Hollymead (Headstart, ECSE), Murray (ECSE), Red Hill (Title 1/VPI), Scottsville (VPI), Stone Robinson (VPI, ECSE), Stony Point (Title I and VPI and ECSE), Woodbrook (VPI and ECSE).
In 1994, the Board of Supervisors established the Bright Stars program as collaboration among Social Services, the School Division and community partners using VPI funds and local funding. Bright Stars is an early intervention program for at risk four-year old children and their families that attempts to increase learning opportunities by addressing risk factors that affect school performance. At risk factors are based on a variety of criteria that include such things as parental illiteracy, poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse, chronic illness, criminal activity, developmental disabilities and behavioral, oral language, social or personal difficulties.
In 2009, the Pre-School Network for Albemarle County was established to oversee the blending of funding streams from the VPI, Title I and Early Childhood Special Education programs to serve more children in inclusion classrooms. In 2015, a PreK Oversight Team with representatives from local government, schools and Head Start was formed to provide oversight for the Network.
This report will highlight all 4 types of program.
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Dr. Pamela Moran - Superintendent