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Meeting Date: 8/10/2017 - 6:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: Update on Teacher Compensation Review (8:20 to 8:50)
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We will engage every student.
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Teacher Compensation overview august 10 2017.pptx
Summary: Currently, the School Board’s and Board of Supervisors’ Total Compensation strategy consists of a shared an adopted market (26 School Divisions, 27 Local governments and several local employers). The target for classified employee salaries is the median of the market, teachers’ salaries are targeted at the top quartile, and benefits for teachers and classified staff are targeted at slightly above the market. The Joint Boards follow a process to establish the annual salary increase, teachers step and scale increases and the classified salary scale adjustment. Last December, the School Board approved an evaluation of our current teacher compensation strategy to ensure alignment with Division objectives.

A formalized team of teachers from various schools and levels worked with Gallagher Consultants and HR staff in reviewing our strategy to include; evaluating our adopted market, researching good system/best practice norms for teacher compensation, collecting teacher, principal and senior leadership feedback. This work included data from more than 1,000 teacher responses to an online survey, information from several teacher focus groups and extensive research comparing teacher salaries and cost of living and labor data from eight school divisions in Virginia.
Funding: Staff is currently analyzing data to determine budgetary impact.
Recommendation: Based on the conclusions and additional research and analysis, staff has identified recommended changes in our adopted strategy and process for teachers, as follows:
1)Realign target to eight of the top performing school divisions in Virginia (using U.S. Department of Education Data reported on
2)Normalize the salary data based on cost of labor. The study concluded that the impact of cost of living differences on pay variances among the school divisions was limited and that best practice is to concentrate on cost of labor.
3) Provide a consistent increase (to include step and scale) in building the teacher scale.

Additionally, staff is currently analyzing salary data, particularly to address areas where we are behind the market, which includes teachers with a Master’s Degree, more senior teachers and compensation for stipends and incentive pay.

Staff is seeking Board approval to move forward in determining the budgetary impact of these recommendations.
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Lorna Gerome - Director, Human Resources
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Dr. Matt Haas - Deputy Superintendent
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Dr. Pamela Moran - Superintendent